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Family Portrait Day

A Hello Photo family fundraising photography day is a hassle free and fun way to raise money. Families can give back to your Centre and take home beautiful family portraits as a lasting memory.

"I found Hello Photo to be refreshingly professional. They made fund raising easy.
The booking process right through to the collection of the finished

photos was well thought out, simple, and accessible to our parents".
~ from Shona - Catjump Preschool Fund Raising president ~

How it works
  1. Pick a date for your fundraising photography day.

  2. Choose a photo shoot location.  If you have a nice garden at your Centre, you are all set, otherwise a local park would be ideal.

  3. Pin up a pretty fundraising poster in your foyer (we'll design and supply that for you) and make an announcement to families.

  4. Families pay a sitting fee up front to attend the photo day.  We recommend charging between $10-$20 but you can charge more or less - it is entirely up to you as all the sitting fee proceeds go directly to your Centre.

  5. On photo day, families arrive at their allocated time ready for their photo session.  We will take a range of photos - family, children only, grandparents and children.  It is up to each family who they bring along to their photo session.

What is included for families?

The fundraising photography sitting fee that each family pays upfront to your Centre will give them the following...

  • A fun, friendly, relaxed photo session.

  • An electronic preview of all the images captured on the day, with the option to purchase an affordable digital photo package.

  • Free print enlargements of your chosen family photos when purchasing a digital photo package.

  • A warm feeling knowing that you have given back to your community & organisation!

"It was such a pleasurable experience for the family, you guys were just terrific!
Nothing was a problem. You knew what was needed and you weren't scared
to sing , dance and do whatever was required to get that perfect shot.
Thanks for providing such a fun photo shoot."
~ from Narelle ~

What is included for your Centre?

By booking Hello Photo for your next fundraising photography event, you receive the following benefits...

  • All the proceeds from the pre-paid sitting fees. 

  • A friendly team that will help coordinate and run your fundraising photo day.

  • A design team ready to produce all the posters and marketing material to make your fundraising day a success.

  • No headaches. All you need to do is hang up a poster and collect sitting fees - so easy! We will deal directly with each family after the event to present the portraits from their photo session and take orders.

  • A portion of all digital photo package sales goes to your organisation. Fancy that, a fundraising event where you raise money but you don't have to do any work!

  • Happy families who will have taken home a series of beautiful natural family portraits at an affordable cost.

Get in touch or submit a booking request for a fundraising photography day. We will contact you shortly to discuss your fundraising needs and tell you just how quick and easy it is to get started. View our online portfolio of family photographs.

You will enjoy working with Hello Photo, the Melbourne experts for kindergarten photography, fundraising photography and childcare photography in Melbourne.

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